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Regulatory Bodies

Name Function link
Medical & Dental Council of Nigeria Regulatory body for medical, dental and alternative practitioners in Nigeria http://www.mdcnigeria.org/
Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria Regulatory body for all cadre of nurses in Nigeria http://portal.nmcnigeria.org/
The Radiographers Registration Board of Nigeria Regulatory body for radiographers in Nigeria http://rrbnonline.org/home.asp
Medical Laboratory Science Council of Nigeria Regulatory body for medical laboratory practitioners in Nigeria http://www.mlscn.gov.ng/#
Medical Rehabilitation Therapists (Registration) Board of Nigeria Regulatory body for medical laboratory practitioners in Nigeria http://www.mrtbnigeria.org.ng/newsite/
Pharmacists Council of Nigeria Regulatory body controlling and regulating the practice of Pharmacy throughout Nigeria http://pcn-ng.org/

Health Blogs

Name Function link
Nigeria Health Watch Informed commentary on the Nigerian Health scene http://www.nigeriahealthwatch.com/
HealthBlogNG To improve the public dialogue about health care in Nigeria http://www.healthblogng.com/
eHealth Africa Utilizes appropriate technology to effectively design, implement, manage, and evaluate health projects. http://ehealthafrica.org/home/
Environmental Health Watch Dedicated to environmental health in Nigeria, the effort of stakeholders in reviving environmental health management and practice in Nigeria http://tsaftarmuhalli.blogspot.ie/
Nigerian Health Advisor To serve as a health guide to Nigerians, Africans and all interested fellows around the world http://nigerianhealthadvisor.wordpress.com/
Health Policy and Systems Forum, Nigeria Promoting health economics, health policy and health systems research, learning and communication http://hprgnigeria.blogspot.ie/
Eights & WeightsFocuses on health, wellness, fitness and beauty for the African. http://www.eightsandweights.com/

Ministries of Health

Name Function link
Federal Ministry of Health http://www.fmh.gov.ng/
Abia State Ministry of Health http://www.abiastate.gov.ng/ministries/ministry-of-health/
Abuja Ministry of Health
Adamawa State Ministry of Health
Akwa Ibom State Ministry of Health http://www.aksgonline.com/health/default.aspx
Anambra State Ministry of Health http://www.anambrastate.gov.ng/ministries3.html
Bayelsa State Ministry of Health Taking qualitative health care to the doorstep of every citizen and inhabitant of Bayelsa State and making the State the hub of excellent medical services thereby also promoting health tourism. http://www.bayelsa.gov.ng/index.php/component/k2/item/35-health-sector
Bauchi State Ministry of Health Providing and improving health care delivery service as well as pre-service health institutions in the state http://www.bauchistate.gov.ng/index.php/ministries/health
Benue State Ministry of Health http://www.benuestate.gov.ng/index.php/ministries/health
Cross River State Ministry of Health Providing and managing a comprehensive and integrated quality health care delivery to the people of Cross River state, with emphasis on meeting the needs of the poor particularly those in rural communities http://www.crossriverstate.gov.ng/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=8&Itemid=240
Delta State Ministry of Health Handling medical services and training, and is also tasked with the duty of primary health care and disease control. http://deltastate.com.ng/Sectors/health.html
Ebonyi State Ministry of Health Health of the State & the attainment of environmental sustainability http://www.ebonyionline.com/zzz-ebonyi-state-ministry-of-health-and-environment.html
Edo State Ministry of Health http://website.edostate.gov.ng/departments-ministry-health
Ekiti State Ministry of Health http://ekitistate.gov.ng/administration/ministries/health/
Enugu State Ministry of Health Formulation and management of health policy http://www.enugustate.gov.ng/minofhealth.php
Gombe State Ministry of Health http://gombe-moh.blogspot.ie/2012/02/news-updates-from-ministry-of-health.html
Imo State Ministry of Health http://imostate.gov.ng/new_site/civil-service/index.php?idx=ministry-of-health
Jigawa State Ministry of Health Promoting the health status of the people of Jigawa State through improved, integrated health care services, awareness on health and health related matters, ensure good resource mobilization and practices with increased public-private partnership and effective community participation and ownership to ensure that basic health services are made available, accessible, affordable and acceptable to the people. http://www.jigawastate.gov.ng/ministry_contentpage.php?miniid=19
Kaduna State Ministry of Healthhttp://moh.kd.gov.ng/about-us/
Kano State Ministry of Health
Katsina State Ministry of Health http://www.katsinastategov.org/photo_gallery_item.php?id=19
Kwara State Ministry of Healthhttp://www.kwarastate.gov.ng/health/
Lagos State Ministry of HealthDelivery of qualitative, affordable and equitable healthcare services to the citizenry applying appropriate technology by highly motivated staff http://www.lagosstate.gov.ng/entities.php?k=27
Nasarawa State Ministry of Health
Niger State Ministry of Health http://www.nigerstate.gov.ng/ministries.html
Ogun State Ministry of Health Oversees and provides quality, accessible and affordable health care services to all people living in the State. http://www.ogunstate.gov.ng/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=37&Itemid=80
Ondo State Ministry of Health http://www.ondostate.gov.ng/healthministry/
Osun State Ministry of Health
Oyo State Ministry of Health To provide a people-oriented and sustainable health care delivery system with a fundamental unique structure in functions and performance of health systems. http://www.oyohealth.org/h/31-about-us
Plateau State http://www.plateaustate.gov.ng/?ContentPage&sub_cnt=sectionpage&secid=63&sub_cntid=244
Rivers State Ministry of Health http://riversstatemoh.gov.ng/
Sokoto State Ministry of Health http://www.sokotostate.gov.ng/mindetail.php?id=3
Yobe State Ministry of Health http://www.yobestate.gov.ng/?q=content/primary-health-care-management-board