Why Rate?

Why Rate?

By rating your hospitals you are not only helping other patients like you to make better choices, your feedback will also help Nigerian healthcare providers improve their services. In the end everyone benefits from the service.

How it works

  1. You or your relative has just visited one or more of hospitals/ healthcare providers listed on this site.
  2. Search for the name of the hospital you or your relative had just recently on the website by typing the name on the search box.
  3. Click on the hospital or provider's name.
  4. Click on the Rate this Hospital link a questionnaire pops up.
  5. Complete the questionnaire.
  6. Enter your name, your age group and email address.
  7. Submit the form.

If the hospital that you or your relative had just visited is not listed here please send us an email at support@ratenigerianhospitals.com with the name and address of the hospital and we would do our best to update our records.

If you notice any other mistakes like omissions, misspellings or wrong addresses please do let us know at support@ratenigerianhospitals.com. Any other suggestions for improvements are welcome. Just give us a shout at support@ratenigerianhospitals.com

Thank you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why was this website set up?
A: This website was set up to help the patients, the service providers and funders of the listed hospitals/ medical facilities to improve on the health services they receive/ provide/fund respectively.

Q: How would rating hospitals/ medical facilities improve the quality of care?
A: Telling other users about your experience within a medical facility will help other patients like you in making up their mind about using the same facility. If you have had a good experience more people are likely to choose the same facility while if you have had a bad experience other people would not want a repeat of that bad experience. If many more hospitals are rated by other users you would be able to make a choice of the health facility to attend.

Q: How do we currently choose the medical facilities to attend?
A: Patients choose their health care provider through several means. Most times it would be due to word of mouth. Other people who had visited the facility will talk about their experiences to their friends and relatives. Other ways of choosing medical providers include – proximity to our home or place of work, long established family tradition of attending the same facility, prestige, attractiveness of the facility and some other unknown reasons.

Q: How can this website change the way we choose service providers?
A: This website hopes to leverage the current means of choosing health care providers by providing the opportunity for patients to benefit from the experiences of many more people beyond their circle of friends and family. This will provide more accurate information than anecdotal information from only a few friends and family members.

Q: How can the information from this website help healthcare providers improve the quality of care provided to their clients?
A: We appeal to the healthcare providers to encourage their clients to provide feedback on the services they have received. From the feedback information provided by these clients the providers would be able to determine which aspects of their services they are excelling at (which means they should continue to do more of those) and which aspects of their service they are deficient in (which means they would have to work on improving that aspect of service). These aspects of service could be re-evaluated periodically to assess the effect of adjustments in service on their clients’ satisfaction level. In the end both the providers and the clients would benefit from the improved service.

Q: How do we hope to reward excellence in service provision?
A: It is the plan of the promoters of this site to institute annual excellence awards for the best rated health facility on this website. Awards would also be given to those facilities that have excelled in certain aspects of patients’ care. Facilities that have shown massive improvements in their quality of service over a period of time will also be rewarded.

Q: What else can I do on this site?
A: On this site you would find the most comprehensive searchable directory of Nigerian hospitals, clinics and health centres.

Q: How can I help improve this site?
A: You can be of help in several ways. This includes providing feedbacks on your recent hospital experience, notifying us of any mistakes in spellings, names, addresses, phone numbers or facility locations. Please just contact us at support@ratenigerianhospitals.com with your suggestions and will respond as soon as possible.