Solving our own Problems

  monica.alabi | 8 months ago
A newspaper article this month refers to the mass resignation and relocation of Doctors from Nigeria to the West, dealing a near fatal blow to an already crippled system. Eight hundred doctors employed by Lagos state left in the last two years.

This comes as no surprise to anyone observing the state of our public primary health centres and hospitals. Health is NOT a priority in Nigeria.

We continue to strive for improvement in quality of healthcare by rating Nigerian hospitals and we invite the Government to submit public facilities to the same scrutiny and make it mandatory for all facilities (public and private) to be subject to rigorous checks.

The nonchalance that is pervasive in most public sector services is also evident in healthcare.Somehow,we have lost our sense of pride in being self sufficient.

It is crucial that working conditions for healthcare staff be catapulted to the top of the priorty list.No doctor can function effectively with no equipment and being treated abysmally.

Our problems are not beyond repair; other countries with less resources are helping themselves; Namibia,Rwanda,Ethiopia to name a few. We must pursue excellence. Every health sector leader must understand the task ahead of them.

Listening to the representative sent by the Nigerian government to represent us at the African Health care summit 2016 was  cringeworthy.They had no healthcare experience and any discerning ear could easily identify that.Contrast that with Namibia who's representative was the Minister for health and was well versed in his subject.

Doctors abroad would be willing to return home or collaborate to develop the health system if the policy makers had the werewithal to pursue excellence. It is impossible to work in a system where very little works.A few have returned to set up private clinics despite the difficult conditions. Many still hop across the seas to make money to fund those clinics.

It is urgent that the public primary care centres and hospitals are immediately revamped to stop the horror stories that come out of them daily. Private hospitals also have to be accountable as good news from them is thin.

Who is going to help us?

We have to help ourselves and use the resources we have.

We must stop relying on 'International Donors'.Would you keep asking for a donor to pay your rent? Or bring up your children? International bodies are aware of the pervasiveness of corruption when we have been charged with managing funds.

Let us have some pride in ourselves and pursue excellence.




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