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Designed as part of a community effort to improve the quality of healthcare delivery in Nigeria by providing a comprehensive listing of all healthcare facilities in the country, this website gives healthcare consumers, providers and funders the opportunity to collaborate in this regard. Healthcare providers can easily list their facility, take bookings from clients, interact with colleagues and clients and receive and respond to feedback from their clients. Healthcare consumers can easily locate the facilities they would like to attend, check out what other people who have used the facility think about the quality of service and staff at the facility, leave feedback for their healthcare providers and receive updates on the issues they raised about the facility and healthcare provider. The funders of healthcare (clients, state and federal governments, voluntary organizations and missionaries) can monitor the quality of service and staff they fund. Our team consists of specialist doctors with combined experience of more than 40 years in frontline medical care, healthcare management and health information technology in Nigeria, North America and Europe. We also have medical IT professionals with wide range of experience in providing health information solutions.